Corporate Philosophy

Integrity, Prudence and Diligence: These values are embedded in our work culture that built the foundation and success of China Alpha. Our core belief is to bring long-term wealth creation for our investors. We aim for prudent investment opportunities and strive for excellence.

Investment Philosophy

China Alpha generates all investment ideas internally without relying on commissioned external research. We use our own proprietary models to analyze business and financial aspects of the companies.

With our deep rooted relationship and understanding of the Chinese eco-system, we adopt a top down view to understand the whole value chain of industries and use the bottom up approach to choose the future industry leaders in the industry as our alpha long conviction companies and to choose those companies that are at the peak of business cycle as our alpha short companies.

We believe a disciplined and rigorous approach is the key to successful investing. The China investment landscape has changed over the decade and is still changing. We have proven to generate alpha return. We believe every era presents new opportunities and challenges which demands us to embody the following values daily: Preparation, Patience, Discipline & Objectivity.